Snippets of both live gig footage, studio recordings and rehearsals - this video shows the depth and range of my pop singing abilities as well as stage presence and performance skills.


The Origins of a Vocalist


From a very early age I seemed to have an innate and deeply intuitive attraction to music and singing in particular. My favourite artists as a young child were Abba and The Bee Gees, who I just loved.   As a primary school student, I had no idea why the kids in front of me at choir would all turn around and gawk at me when I sang.  I didn't think I was doing anything different to anyone else but my voice seemed to just 'stand out'.  This is my earliest memory of knowing there was something unique about my voice.  I learned piano from my mum - herself an accomplished musician - but I think I got my voice from my dad who is a natural singer and who made me sing Beatles songs while he played the piano or guitar - so he had someone to harmonise against.  I'm pretty sure this is how I developed a great ear and sense of pitch and find it so easy to harmonise to just about anything now.

I started formal singing lessons at age 16, which inevitably led to me studying music at Melbourne University and The Victorian College of the Arts.  Contrary to my classical training in opera, in 2008, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of starting my own band.  Over several incredibly fun and frenzied years, my band, Boutique, took out multiple bridal industry awards, owing to my business-like approach to overseeing every last detail of the entertainment, including designing the running of the night, designing the 'sound track' with live band music and fulfilling MC duties.

I retired Boutique on NYE 2016 and have since moved into freelancing as a soloist, singing and playing for funerals and wedding ceremonies and cantoring with the Cathedral Singers at St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

In 2019 I begun training with esteemed Australian and international soprano, Suzanne Johnston and hope to refine my classical singing further to embark on a career in either opera or musical theatre.

See below for videos of me at work and sample songlist.



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