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In 2022, Rebecca continues to lead the singing for mass and funerals at her home parish, Holy Family, in Mount Waverley and is also member of the Cathedral Singers at St. Patrick's Cathedral where she is also a soloist for large occasions such as Easter and Christmas.  She is a recommened musician by Tobin Brother's funerals, Le Pine and Heritage funerals as well as many parishes around Melbourne. As a consequence of being involved in church music for many years, Rebecca has developed a very broad Catholic music repertoire ranging from very traditional through to more modern hymns and has a firm understanding and appreciation of the Catholic liturgy, church music and what she calls her 'church voice' - one that is pure, sweet and not affected with warbly vibrato or an overtly pop singer sound.  Over the years it is this angelic sound that has come to set her apart from other singers and gains her the most recognition and appreciation. 

Rebecca lives in Mount Waverley, Victoria, with her husband and 3 sons.

Rebecca started her musical training at the age of 7, being taught piano by her mother.  At 16, after gaining many comments about her clarity of voice and natural singing style, she took up formal singing lessons - which led her onto gaining entry to the prestigious Melbourne University Conservatorium of Music and later, The Victorian College of the Arts. 

Rebecca did not pursue classical music, instead opting to sing with bands, including fronting and managing her own successful function band, Boutique, for several years.  She then went on to sing and play keys with Baker Boys and other bands in Melbourne.


Fortunately Rebecca's musical career has been as diverse as her vocal ability and musical tastes have allowed.  From a young age, Rebecca has led the singing for Sunday mass each week at parishes across Melbourne, with her clear vocal tone particularly well suited to church music.  It has not been uncommon for her to be singing pop music into the small hours of Sunday morning and then on Sunday night, be cantoring at St. Patrick's cathedral.  Rebecca's diverse musical ability serves her well especially when singing at weddings, when the music is often a mixture of traditional hymns and pop ballads.