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Catholic Funerals


 ~ All hymns PLUS all mass parts sung and played on piano ~

~ Hymn and song requests at no extra charge ~

~ Friendly support and guidance in choosing music for the Catholic liturgy ~

~ All equipment including piano and P.A system provided to ensure a high quality and reliable sound ~

Rebecca specializes in music for Catholic funerals which she fully embraces as a ministry. All too often, Catholic funeral music is drab, uninspiring or even worse, recordings are used - none of which is befitting of a final farewell in the beautiful and magnificent Catholic tradition. A Catholic funeral is an extremely deeply spiritual ceremony, filled with important rituals and prayers for the soul of the deceased, as well as prayerful comfort and consolation for family and friends left behind.  


Music plays a far greater role in Catholic funerals than simply being entertainment.  Profoundly meaningful hymns add immense richness and depth to the funeral liturgy to touch the heart and soul in inexplicable ways.  Rebecca helps you choose hymns that perfectly align with both your own families preferences and that of the Catholic church to provide music that is transcendent and glorious.


Rebecca's ethos regarding funeral music is that it should always be spiritually uplifting and hopeful, in keeping with Christian belief.  Her choice of hymns is always tasteful and elegant and performed in a fresh and modern style, self-accompanied on piano, with a sound that is clear and pure to inspire and uplift.  Along with tried and true classic and traditional hymns, played and sung in a style that is relatable in the 21st century, Rebecca also has a selection of beautiful modern hymns and will help you choose those best suited to your family.


All equipment, including piano and P.A system, is provided, to save any hassles around whether or not the church's system is up to par.


Rebecca is a specialist in Catholic liturgy and will guide you each step of the way to choose hymns for each part of the mass that is fitting and appropriate.  If it is all too overwhelming, you are also most welcome to leave all of the music decisions up to Rebecca and not worry about a thing, so you can focus on yourself and your family at this difficult and challenging time.  On the day, she works in with your priest to deliver an effortlessly seamless ceremony.


The Archdiocese of Melbourne has very particular guidelines in relation to funeral music, including that recorded music is avoided and that parts of the mass are sung, where possible.  You are safe in the knowledge that Rebecca adheres to the guidelines of the Archdiocese at all times.  You can read the guidelines here The Archdiocese of Melbourne Guidelines for Catholic Funerals.

Use the form below to check availability and pricing.  As a dedicated and full time funeral musician, Rebecca is on call at all times and travels all over Victoria with a set fee for Melbourne metro churches. 

Rebecca is a preferred musician & recommended by
Xavier College Chapel

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Based in Melbourne and travelling all over Victoria.

Tel: 0412 252 760 

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